Internationally known Christian recording artist and record producer, Jim McDonald has been singing Christian music professionally for over 30 years and has traveled the world in doing so.

Jim's easy delivery of a song carries with it a message of God's love that will leave the listener wishing that the song would never end.
His passion for, and dedication to, high-quality music is evident in every recording he releases. As a record producer, Jim has over 200 recordings for which he has received 80 Angel awards (recordings of the year) for both himself and the artists whose records he has produced.

Award Winning Christian Music
"Album of the Year"

"Male Vocalist of the Year"
12 times!

Katie's album covers
have won 14 awards for
"Graphic Design and Layout"

Jim McDonald
Concert in Novi Sad,
Yugoslavia. October 1999


Jim and Katie McDonald
Katie and Jim at an
Angel Awards Ceremony

Purpose of Ministry

To tell people throughout the world, that Jesus loves them just the way they are, and only He can make a difference in our lives. We take this message to all nations and to all people through Christ-centered music. When we return home, we visit the churches and report to everyone how our precious Lord is working in this troubled world.

Jim, and his wife Katie's music ministry spans the globe. They work primarily in countries that are underprivileged and troubled . . . including Africa, the former Yugoslavia

Jim and Katie and their Massai family
in Massailand near Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

(Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia), Central America, South America, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Macedonia.

They have learned that though people may differ in culture, they all smile the same, cry the same, love the Lord and love children in the same way. View the Photo Scrapbook

The Romany Gypsy Bible

The Romany Gypsy Bible is the bible translated into the Gypsy language. Known as the Sunto Lil Biblia, the development of this Bible was supported in part by the Jim McDonald World Ministries.

Jim's Newest CD - "MOMENTS"

Jim has just received a Gold Angel Award for for "Male Vocalist of the the year for 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award" for his newest CD, "Moments."

Katie has just won a Silver Angel Award for
"Graphic Artist of the Year for 2010" for her "Moments" CD design.

This is by far the most well rounded CD offered through the ministry. New songs such as "Moments," "The Outcasts" and "That's What Grace is For" will touch your heart in the troubled times in which we live.

Jim McDonald's concerts are a mix of the finest Christian music combined with his and Katie's astonishing and heart-rending experiences in countries suffering from war, famine, and severe hardships of all kinds. Through their Ministry of Music, they bring to a lost and dying world, the blessed hope of a new life in Jesus.

Their non-profit organization is dedicated to reaching as many people as possible through Christ-centered music.

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