World Ministries Photo Scrapbook
NEW! Macedonia

The First Christian Children's Gypsy recording in their own language. Sutka, Skopje, Macedonia

Typical transportation in Sutka

Family outside their home near Sutka

Jim & George and the Gypsy singers
Jim in concert at the Gypsy Church in Sutka

Jim and David, the faithful man who had the dream of the Gypsy church in the Gypsy Quarter in Macedonia.

The dream of a Bapitistry in the Muslim Quarter in Skopje, Macedonia . . . almost finished.

The children joined Jim in concert to sell their recording to help them with their Children's Ministries.

Recording the first Macedonian Children's cassette.

Skopje, Macedonia

Jim in front of posters for concerts. The youth had to hang them under the cover of darkness for safety. They used an interesting mixture of homemade glue.

Maria (as translator) and Jim on Macedonian Television promoting the concerts and explaining evangelism through Christian music.

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